Saturday, September 8, 2012

Book Review: "Lost and Found," by Amy Shojai

As a confirmed book-a-holic I've found myself doing book reviews on this blog. When the opportunity appeared to read an advance review copy of prolific pet writer Amy Shojai's first mystery, well, how could I resist? The copy arrived as a .pdf. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the formatting but the .pdf kept scrolling up and down by itself so rapidly that it was hard to stay on page and that was something of a distraction. I read every single word but it took longer to read than it normally would.

In the interest of full-disclosure I will admit that I have known the author for more years than she and I are likely to admit. This means that in the beginning of the book and a few other points in the manuscript I found myself recognizing characteristics and references that were only too familiar to me, including the protagonist, September Day's first name, borrowed with permission from dog writer September Morn.

Lost and Found takes place during a rare Texas blizzard. September, a dog trainer, is urgently asked by her sister, April, to search for April's autistic son who has disappeared along with the young German Shepherd service dog September has been training for her nephew. Murder and Mayhem ensue when April, too, disappears and the body count keeps piling up. September has just 24 hours in which to save her sister and nephew. The dog plays a key role in the story with a cat playing a lesser role. 

If it were Summer, I'd recommend this as a beach read because you will keep turning pages until you reach the satisfying ending.  Any season is a good time for a fast-paced read.

Lost and Found is published by Cool Gus Publishing and will be released on September 20, 2012.