Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: How To Get Ahead in Business With Office Cat

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How To Get Ahead in Business with Office Cat, A Meownagement Guide to Purrfessional Success may be just the book every budding executive needs. After all, who better than a cat to tell us how to manage time and control people?  We cat owners are a well-trained lot.

The book is divided into section for ease of use by the prospective executive, starting appropriately with: So You Want to Be a Success.  Moving on to Part Two: How to Get People Under Your Paw (and keep them there).  Let's face it, no one is better at doing this than cats They have to down to an art form. Part Three is Purr-Sonnel which include the importance of good staff. Part Four is High Furrnance and Other Minor Matters. Okay, minor to a cat, more major to those of us who buy their good. Part Five is Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp! Work Should Be Fun.  This is, of course, followed by a quiz.

There is the requisite Foreword, Catknowledgments and other books by Office Cat. Who knew that a ginger cat would have a list of successful books on a par with mine? Well, he did claw his way to the top.

There are worth tips for every executive wannabe.

Authors Ariana Klepac and Pete Smith obviously know their  cats and are well-grained assistants in the business world.  Obviously well-versed in the operation of various can openers - a critical job-requirement. 

This funny business guide for cat lovers would make the perfect gift for that would-be achiever i  your live. Or just a fun read for you.

Published by Smith Street Books in Australia: ISBN 978-1-92-541812-5  This delightful book is being released in October 2016.  $14.95 U.S. Hardcover, 112 pages with 55 color illustrations. The book is distributed in the U.S. by Rizzoli in New York.

You can pre-order now at Amazon:

It will make the perfect gift for every working cat owner.

NOTE: I receive no compensation for this review. I merely received a review copy of the book so I could read it before reviewing it. The opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Adventures in Wand-erland

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Photos, except for the one of Paris, are courtesy of
Chasity Rader, Ceylon's Wander-Land
I'm sure the title of this post has you wondering. Wonder no more. Ceylon's Wand-erland is the most remarkable assortment of hand-made cat teaser wands I've ever seen. Each is individual and so exquisite that if I didn't have a cat, I would buy several to put in a large vase in the living room as an accent piece. I was looking for a toy that a young cat could play with by herself the would still have the enjoyment of a wand toy. I have a collection of wonderful interactive toys but when my new little Chartreux, Paris, was sent by her breeder, Nancy Dionne, out West, she was 16 months old the first weekend in June. she walked out of her crate full of confidence and more energy that I could have imagined. Because Chartreux don't mature until they are 3 years old, I had a lively kitten in an adult-size body. One person with an interactive toy is not nearly enough to keep her busy. Neither are all of the other interactive toys I have for environmental enrichment. One more toy was needed. I stumbled across Ceylon's Wanderland in my search and found a form of heaven! I immediately set about finding the creator of such amazing toys. When I found Chasity Rader on Facebook, I immediately told her how much I loved my toys, that I had to buy one that could be tied onto something for solo play and would she let me interview her?!  She graciously agreed and sent me samples to test, including the coveted tie-on toy which became an immediate hit with Paris, as you can see.
Photo of Paris by the author

I began creating and bringing my designs to life in Feb. 2015, due to my longing of wanting to change my daily life, to reach a dream of mine, and to improve my family's welfare. It began with the simplest goal: to utilize my imagination to make a handful of teaser toys for myself and some friends. I had spent approximately 15 years showing cats, and I had amassed an impressive collection toys over the years. However, they never quite reached my personal expectations. I did not find them to be quality of toys I wanted; I desired durability and beauty that would last. None were ever as refined as I felt they could be. I had developed ideas for designs in my head for years, but I had yet to discover someone who had ever put my imaginative ideas to work. So, I decided to design and create my own toys in MY vision to achieve the happiness and dream I had been wanting. My teaser toys are designed with flair using only the best Swarovski, Swarovski Elements and other fine Austrian Crystals and cruelty free feathers. 

Yes, actually. I recall a memory of myself being in kindergarten, and I had proudly been drawing my own half-moon with a smile and a I remember my teacher making a really big deal of my artistry and creativity of my moons, because it was unusual for someone of such a young age to have such a mature and beautiful outlook. I have been an artist all my life – I have spent my life drawing, painting, writing poetry. My passion very much lies in creative outlets of expression. I aspire to create an individual masterpiece with a touch of personal flare in each teaser toy. 

I majored in Graphic Design at Purdue University, and that is where my creativity form changed into something not so much physical, but digital. I got hired for my first business card design job while I was still a student in college for a breeder that showed miniature poodles. That was immediately followed by a breeder of English and French Angora rabbits. These incredible opportunities are how I began to work with animal lovers while exercising my love for art and using my individual expression. And it didn't stop there - when I finished college, I became a graphic designer for independent breeders while staying at home to care for my baby daughter. Graphic designing was my world that I adored and dreamed about because of the connection and passion that I share for animals, as well. It gave me the opportunity to meet people also involved in the animal world, and designing for them was the chance of a lifetime. When I designed something for my clients that they fell head-over-heels for, I would become so overwhelmed with pride and joy. I have used my talents for years to bring smiles to my clients and their beloved pets which was what led me into the CFA World, where teaser toys entered my life. 


I was in the cat show world (CFA) for 15+ years. After spending some time away from the show world and apart from dear friends I had made over the years, it began to make my heart ache. I left the show world due to grief. I had missed it, and every day I grieved over the loss of a very beloved cat of mine. And with each day, I felt a longing for a connection for a part of the world I had been so familiar with. Taking time away and regrouping myself, I was able to tap into my creative spirit once again. It's uncanny how loss of life and temporarily veering off your path can lead to finding yourself once again and giving life new direction. I felt inspired to actually begin to change my life and to give myself new energy, connection, inspiration, and drive. After I created my first designs and sent my gifts out to friends, their feedback began to pour in, and then their friends wanted some. A chain reaction began as more and more strangers wanted a taste of what Ceylon's Wand-erland has to offer.

I love to create multipurpose toys the most. Although I truly do love my simple designs, for example my Snow Wand, it only serves one sort of titillation. You are left with only the aesthetic of visual stimulation. So in my more complex designs, I offer more functionality and stimulation for the cats. And really, it is all about bonding and playtime with your cats. A happy home is an owner and their cat expressing their playful nature with one another and loving every moment they spend. I live for the challenge of creativity and innovation. For every successful design that I get to bring my customers, there is a painstaking process as well as a multitude of failures behind them. 

These are the Laser Toys


Without a doubt! I don't want to create something beautiful that will only last for a short period of time. That defeats one of my main purposes for doing this. I create various designs for all cats and breeds needs and in each stage of their life. Along with the durability that I put into my wands, I keep in mind the health and welfare of the cats themselves. For example, my hand-spun tinsel tops are meant to stretch and snap if a claw is snagged or tangled. It is meant to happen so swiftly and pain-free, your cat will not even know it happened. In addition to my tinsel tops, I use a mylar material that is as thin as a human hair. Therefore, there are no sharp edges in case any strands will be accidentally ingested like Christmas tinsel does. You will have no need to stress over the well being of your cat with the safe materials I use to create my wands. 

My newest venture is called 'Mermaid Thyme.' It's an all natural, Organic bath bomb brand that will be available on Etsy in the near future. I have always been a bathing goddess, myself. I infuse essential oils and other all- natural products for a beautiful, hand-molded rose shape. I love experimenting with new scents and creating a safe product to share with others. 


Thank you and that makes me giggle. I have a etsy shop located at And my web site which has the most photos of my created anywhere on the internet. 

My Personal FaceBook Chasiy Rader 

Wand-erland FaceBook Group page 

Aside from my Personal shops, I'm fortunate enough to have a loving team standing beside me with their own personal love for all things Wand-erland. 

1) Adilah Roose is the woman to contact in Asia for your Wand-erland needs. She is also the only source in the world for the Masmera teaser toy. 

2) Australians have the lovely Wand-erland Australia team of Julie Lawrence & Amanda Herde for your Wand-erland source. and their web site Amamda Herde 

3) Julie Lawrence 

4) Wand-erland Europe is home of Mette Lambert. She covers many countries in Europe and is the best contact to order your Wand-erland designer cat teaser toys. Wanderland Europe with Mette Lambert 

 5)Donna Waskiewicz is your Vending source in the USA. Colorado is her home base and she travels to surrounding areas. Donna Waskiewicz 

I love my job. My favorite part about creating my Wand-erland handmade designer cat toys are the photos, videos, and e-mails I receive from the happy families and felines. I am so fortunate to have such strong connections with so many people around the world, and I certainly do not take it for granted. Most businesses out there don't get to see the end results of their creations, and I am fortunate enough to receive such blessings. Feedback is crucial to me. Before I release a design available for purchase, I generally send them to breeder friends, pet-owner friends, donations, and to cat judges. I do this to ensure my toys are thoroughly tested and to see if revisions must be made. I have no shortage of volunteers to test my teaser toys, and I truly love and appreciate them all. I'm forever going to be the lady with glue stuck to my hands, glitter in my hair and cat fuzzies on my cloths. I couldn't be happier to share my polished up cat teaser toys with you.

NOTE: The opinions in this blog post are mine alone. I received no monetary compensation for this blog post. I only received sample items to test. Paris thoroughly approves of them!