Wednesday, October 5, 2016

American Airlines, The Following Week

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It was with some trepidation that Sue, Paris and I approached our flight back to Boston the following Friday.  Flight 202 was scheduled to leave Los Angeles at 12:35 p.m. for Boston.
Paris Models her Walking Jacket

Again, we boarded, this time with some trepidation. We did have our bulkhead seats, which was encouraging but the seat configuration was the very same - 3 across on both sides of the minuscule aisle which meant that my walker was taken away from me and there was no offer of a special wheelchair down the aisle to my seat. 

We settled into out bulkhead seats and Paris was on my lap. No one told me that she only had to be there for take-off and landing. We took off and as soon as we were airborne Paris fell asleep.  I soon followed.  I hadn't realized it until a flight agent shook my shoulder to wake me. She said my cat had taken advantage of my falling asleep to get off my lap and walk into First Class. She thought the cat looked a little scared and asked me to come with her. I told her the cat was just fine and wouldn't hurt anyone. As I was getting up, along came a male flight attendant, walking Paris as if she were a Chihuahua at the end of the leash. I use it for safety and have never walked her on it! He asked if this was my cat.  Yes.  He said she wanted to be in First Class and obviously belonged because her blue matched the stripe in his jacket. LOL  They finally told me that she only had to be on my lap for take-offs and landings, brought down her crate and she and I both slept peacefully. 

We had missed any possible meal service. Well, they did give us pretzels but I don't know why. Many of us are allergic to salt. Alovely flight attendant spent some time talking with us; Franny Marcel, even went to the back of the plane and handed Sue and me a Turkey Cuban Sandwich. I removed the ham, of course, but was never so happy to see real food!  She deserves a raise.

What a difference from the first flight crew. They need to be taken off their run and retrained. American also needs to reconfigure their planes before they call themselves friendly to working animals or those belonging to other categories, like comfort cat, emotional support animals etc. These animals have a job to do and deserve to be treated better.

The cost for sending additional luggage through has become obscene.  All in all, except for one flight attendant, American has nothing to brag about.  It's time to make the passengers a priority again.


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said... made for a cute story. I am a "Delta Girl" all the way!! catchatwithcarenandcody

Darlene said...

I had so many airmails and always flew American. I'm not anxious to do that again! I told Paris it wasn't worth walking into First Class because they no longer serve Shrimp Cocktail!

Gordon Brice said...

Thank goodness there was vast improvement on your return flight, Darlene, in spite of the inconsiderate seating arrangement. Paris seemed to enjoy herself and I'm sure that there must have been people on that flight who enjoyed seeing her and took comfort from the experience. You're right of course about the retraining and it would appear that the very helpful flight attendant would make the perfect trainer.

rescuegal said...

Indeed, our trip on American Airlines from LA back to Boston, was certainly better, than our flight out to LA a week earlier. We did have benefit of more leg room with our bulkhead seats and the flight crew was pleasant, especially Franny Marcel, who went above and beyond to help us and make sure we at least had something to eat. However, it still fell short of the wonderful care given me on my Southwest Airline flights. Perhaps the American Airlines crews should fly as disabled passengers on Southwest to learn the right way to treat them. c

Darlene said...

Thank you, Gordon. I used to love American Airlies. Now I dread the thought of ever flying with them again.

Darlene said...

That's an excellent idea, Sue! They obviously have no compassion for disabled people and I'm not sure "faking it" would help them but it's worth a try!

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