Monday, March 17, 2008


I can't imagine how the world existed before the internet. Well, yes, I can. I remember it only too well. I'm not sure I'd want to return to those days. I've met so many wonderful people in cyberspace.
A little about me...
I'm an author/speaker/journalist and a certified animal behavior consultant. You can learn more about me at my website:
My books are available wherever books are sold and there are articles posted that you can read at my website as well as those that appear in a wide range of magazines.
I love dogs and cats and my main goal is to enhance the lives of pets. I'll be here at least once a week and I hope that you will find something in my thoughts, musings, etc. that strikes a chord.


Genny said...

Darlene, I can't wait to read more on your new blog! Having read and owning your books, I can attest to the fact that they're terrific sources of information and written so everyone can understand them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darlene..
Comment from an old friend who knows nothing about Blogs. I just read your comments re ethical breeders and did not see anywhere to post a reply to that. I clicked something else at the bottom that sent me to a page with a comment to your introduction.
I have always admired your writing and knowledge and your determination. In reference to animals.
I am now amazed at your computer literacy and abilities. Maybe someday I'll figure some of this stuff out. I'm not sure I will succeed in getting this published, but here goes.

Roberta said...

Great to see your blog, Darlene. Am sure you'll be offering up plenty of pet info.

Deb said...

Darlene great blog! As always you go for the issues that need to be addressed. I agree and hope more people will think fur-baby blood donations,as this will save many lives. Cosette had to have a blood transfusion several years ago and is still here today because of the blood being available. Keep up the good work, as always you out-did-yourself again. I have all your books and am so impressed by the topics you address that we carry your books at Cosettes Closet, to help people take better care of their fur babies.. you have a gift with words and a way thst is so easy for anyone to follow. We hope to add a lot more Darlene Arden books to our shelves!

Darlene said...

Thank you so much, Deb! I really appreciate the wonderful compliment! I hope you'll continue to enjoy my blog entries and find them useful. Please feel free to post at each one that interests you enough to leave a comment!