Friday, July 11, 2008


I'll admit that I was intrigued when I first learned about The site brings pet lovers together and helps raise funds for needy animal projects. Started with a bang, they had a contest for a shelter makeover contest. New members began flocking to the site daily, voting for their favorite shelters, reviewing products and news stories, connecting with others, sharing pet photos and more. Zootoo's president, Richard Thompson (known as Topcat on the site) has fashioned a very special website.

They had hired my friend, Dr. Jill Richardson and she went to work with a determination seldom seen. Fueled by her natural enthusiasm for all things animal, she began creating groups. I soon had one. How? I don't know. You have to know Jill to understand. LOL She's one-woman energy-generator. She has tons of ideas and she knows how to get things done.

I had the pleasure of finally visiting's offices in New Jersey yesterday, on my way to PA where I will be teaching all day tomorrow. I'm a learning facilitator in Kutztown University's Dog Training and Management Program.

Just about everyone at zootoo has pets, if not in the office, then at home. Fish, pocket pets, dogs, cats. They run the gamut. Tank, the English Bulldog who arrives with his owner every day, holds court throughout the offices, as the mood strikes him. He's a much-loved dog who knows that he's everyone's darling.

From Jill's enthusiasm sprang a brand new photo contest that zootoo and I are hosting. Do you have America's Smartest Dog? Want to enter? Want to know what you'll win? Then follow this link to the contest on zootoo:

While you're there, sign up, select the local shelter and rescue group that you want to help support. Surf around and see all of the neat things has to offer pet owners. You won't regret the time spent there.

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