Monday, June 18, 2012

June is Adopt a Cat Month

We're in the middle of Adopt a Cat month and I hope those of you who can afford the commitment will seriously consider adding a rescue cat to your family.  Whether you go to your local shelter or a breed rescue group, giving a new home to a kitty will also add happiness to your life.

If you opt for a shelter kitty you can be sure that you're saving a life.  Many cats and kittens are on "death row" every single day.  You can't save them all but you can save one or two.  If you work outside the home, consider adopting two cats, perhaps a bonded pair or two kittens to keep each other company.

I hope you'll give serious consideration to adopting an older kitty.  Cats can live up to 20 years or more and you don't need a kitten - a cat will bond to you and you'll have many happy years together. Kittens grow up fast and get into all sorts of mischief, some of which might not be appreciated by the owner. An adult cat is a known quantity; size, temperament and activity level are already established. 

Cats lose their homes for a variety of reasons and, in today's economy, too many are losing their homes because their owners can no longer afford to keep them. There's no reason for cats to die if they can get a new, loving forever home.

Go to your local shelter and look around, get acquainted. There's someone waiting there for you....

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