Monday, March 18, 2013

World's Best Mystery Litter Revealed

It's no secret that my cat, Aimee, has been using World's Best Cat Litter ever since I brought her home. She likes, I like it. We're happy.  Although she's an "only" cat in my house I like their Multi Cat formula. Aimee likes it just as much as the original.

Recently, World's Best Cat Litter announced the coming of a new "mystery" litter. I was one of the cat bloggers chosen to test the litter and then write about it, announcing their newest litter to cat owners everywhere.  I thought a really fair test would involve more than one cat.

Photo by Mary Slaney
I gave my sample bag of the (drumroll please!) new Forest Scent to my petsitter, veterinary technician, Mary Slaney, who has two cats and 4 dogs at her house.  She set up an extra litterbox with the new litter and her cats Ike and Huckleberry Pie  known to her friends as Pie, went right in. There was no hesitation about using the new iitter.  Three of the dogs ignored it but little year-old Vinnie, was entirely too attracted to it; he wanted to eat it. His fascination would mean that any small dog living with a cat would have to be prevented from access to the litterbox. You don’t want any dog to have an abdominal obstruction so keep the litterbox inaccessible to any small dogs. For that matter, keep litterboxes inaccessible to larger dogs, too. Dogs tend to surf the litterbox as if it were a buffet. 
Huckleberry Pie (Pie)
Photo by Mary Slaney

Mary shared the litter with her co-worker, Nancy, who has several cats.  This would be the ultimate test.  Would more than two be attracted to the litter?  Nancy often uses World’s Best Cat Litter’s Multiple Cat formula and her cats seemed to like the smell of the new litter and used it immediately. The multi-cat homes would, of course, do better with a multi-cat formula.

Mary brought me a small plastic bag of  the litter so I could smell it. The woodsy scent was subtle but apparent, sort of like cedar.  I put it in one of Aimee’s litterboxes, mixing it through with her other World’s Best, and she took to it  immediately.  Aimee loves World's Best Cat Litter.

World's Best Cat Litter
new Forest Scent

There seem to be many paws up for World’s Best Cat Litter’s new Forest Scent.  It's available in 6 lb., 12 lb. and 24 lb. bags and should be on store shelves on April 1st.

Disclosure: I am not paid by World's Best Cat Litter. I received a sample bag 
to test as reported above. The results of that test are
in the blog post.


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

we loved it in our house!

Darlene Arden said...

Thanks for sharing that with us! More paws up!