Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review: Bite This Book

When Lony Ruhmann adopted a puppy named Juve (Hoo-Vee), the poor thing developed distemper, a disease that has all but been eradicated. While others may have had the dog put down, Ruhmann decided to to treat the puppy, nursing him back to health.  It was a major effort that would take 6 months.

Part of Ruhmann's process wasn't just talking to the puppy, but reading to him as well.  This is an interesting technique that I have known others to use but my guess is that they came upon it individually, that there is no formal effort behind doing this for a dog.  Much as you would read to a sick child, there is comfort for both the reader and the patient in the soft, sing-song words of a child's book.  

About two years after this took place, Ruhmann now has a book written for dogs, to be read to dogs at any time, containing vignettes that support the dog's point of view.  Allegedly, the book was also written by Juve. Make of that what you will. 

The simple text is colorfully illustrated by Pritali Joharapurkar and would appeal to children with its bright tones. 

Will your dog like it? Your dog will like anything that allows him to share quiet bonding time with you. This book is simple, inexpensive and charming in its way.  Ruhmann's purpose in writing it was to encourage people to adopt pets, preferably special needs dogs. In that his goal is admirable.

Should you read to your dog?  Why not?!  

Ruhmann with Juve
Choosing to build the bond is a wonderful thing and you don't have to wait until your dog is sick. You can start today.

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Gordon said...

I enjoyed reading this review and had not considered reading to a dog, as good therapy but, why not indeed? We constantly talk to our dogs so, why not read to them. Both are excellent ongoing bonding exercises.

Darlene said...

Thank you for your comment, Gordon. Bonding time is so important. This is just one more way in which to do it.