Friday, May 16, 2014

Fuzzy Meet Papa Pete's Organic Pet Treats

Fuzzy enjoying one of Papa Pete's Organic Pet Treats

There's a great deal of interest in organic foods for both pets and people. Papa Pete's Organic Pet Treats (http://petesorganicpettreats.comaren't just natural but gluten free as well.  The dog treats, made in Vermont, are also made from hormone and antibiotic free meats. It should be noted that the treats are made to order.

Founders of the company, Lynn Camper and Peter MacDonald say that their standards for making the treats are the same as when they are cooking for their human family members. They believe that good food contributes to good health. That includes treats.

Fuzzy samples another of Papa Pete's Organic Pet Treats

Currently living with a cat, not a dog, I have volunteer dog products testers. In this case, I opted for Fuzzy, a rescue from one of the worst shelters in California. Life is good on the "outside" of the shelter in a loving home.  Fuzzy had the pleasure of testing two treats: the Vermont Maple Oatmeal Cookie since the California dog had never tasted maple, and the Woofie Cookie which contains peanut butter. The cookies come in several flavors which are listed on their website.

From that happy expression we can see that
Fuzzy is enjoying the Treats

Shipping was speedy and Fuzzy was soon "taste testing" the cookies.  Before I knew it, I had a "report" from Fuzzy, via has owner/Dad  Gary Rohde. 

"Fuzzy Loves the two flavors he tested. One called Woofie is made with peanut butter and cinnamon. Whats not to like!!!!!!"  Hmmm, it sounds like Fuzzy's dad was tempted to eat them, too.

There was one caveat, "As much as Fuzz loves them both......I hate the packaging," said Gary who has a handicap that includes not having much strength in his hands. "Its so difficult to open. I put them in a zip lock bag as you have to cut the original bag to pieces," he added.

Not having tried to open a package I'll take Gary's word for it but he seems to have come up with a workable solution. Unless, of course, the manufacturer changes the packaging at some point in the future.

You'll find the full assortment of flavors, their process and more on the website for Papa Pete's Organic Pet Treats:

Meanwhile, here's a peek at the treats in their packages...

Woofie Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

NOTE: I received no monetary compensation 
for this review. Two packages of cookies were 
sent to Fuzzy's owner, Gary Rohde to sample
and for his and his owner's reaction to the cookies.


Gary Rohde said...

Thank you for allowing Fuzzy to be your taste tester. The treats are or shall I say were FANTASIC. A great healthy choice for all dogs.

Darlene said...

Gary, I'm so glad Fuzzy enjoyed Papa Pete's Organic Treats so much!

Gordon Brice said...

Interesting post, Darlene. I'm so pleased to read that the treats are made in Vermont and not in China, from where so many issues have arisen. Hopefully, the packaging problem will be resolved, but, fortunately it didn't prevent Fuzzy from enjoying the treats :)

Images of Butterflies said...

I have heard about these before. But I have not tried it yet. They said it is even better if you create your own dog treats as it will be healthier for your pet.

Papa Pete's organic pet treats said...

Darlene, thank you for taking the time to review my product. I am so pleased that Fuzzy enjoyed his treats! Gary, it saddens me that the packaging caused you so much trouble. The best way to approach the package is to cut along the label. After you retrieve the treat, just fold the package over.

I struggled with the dilemma of how to preserve the treats while making the packages easy to open for everyone. There are three options for preserving: chemical preservatives, oxygen absorbers and vacuum sealing. Our products are organic and gluten free, with no chemical preservatives or additives. Research shows that one out of three dogs will have some form of cancer during their lifetime. My personal belief is that both people and dogs are at a higher risk for cancer because of our food. For this reason, we keep additives, artificial ingredients and preservative out of our treats. Oxygen absorbers caution against handling/eating, so I have a problem putting them in a bag with the treats.

That leaves vacuum sealing. Gary, I promise you that I will keep looking into new options as they become available, but for now a pair of scissors to cut at the label is the best solution.

Thank You, Papa Pete's Organic Pet Treats.

Mark Marky said...

Of course, knowing the origin of the treat, I had to give it a try myself before I gave it to Milly. And, it didn't taste bad, but I don't think I'll be knowing on one myself again. It has a slight Parmesan cheese flavor, and a smokey aroma, that smells nice to me, and tastes like Heaven for Milly. I got these organic dog chews from a site that is just awesome. i highly recommend this site to all. Thanks!!