Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Cat Owners Need to Know

Photo of Alana by Claire Clayton

Cats are thought to be mysterious creatures. Are they?  No, they're actually social animals who love to be around people and need more attention than many owners give them. 

Cats like to make the first approach. If you ignore them, they will come to  you. They often curl up with their owners or another pet in the house when they want to sleep. They walk on your newspaper or book when you're trying to read, not to drive you crazy but because they are seeking your attention. Your cat loves you!  

Photo of Aimee by Darlene Arden

Your cat will follow you around, wanting to be where you are.  Hopefully, you've already discovered this. But as good as they are about being private, this can work against them when they're sick. They are masters at masking illness. Optimum would be having a feline practitioner who doesn't just know cats but has the extra knowledge that can make a real difference when it comes to a sick kitty.  While all veterinarians treat cats, not every one of them has gone the extra mile to learn even more about cats.  Some feline cat practitioners also treat other species.  I find this particularly helpful with a Toy or small dog because they know how to moderate their touch for a smaller animal.

The American Association for Feline Practitioners has a wonderful website, including a page of things that cat owners need to know.  Point your browser to:

There is always more to lear about taking care of your feline companion. You can also search for a feline practitioner in your area.

If you'll pardon my immodesty, I've crammed a lot of information about taking care of your cat in
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