Monday, October 13, 2014

Black Cats & Contest Winner!

Thank you to Layla Morgan Wilde - Cat Wisdom 101

It's October and thoughts are turning to Halloween. Well, they were turning to Halloween a lot earlier because the stores have had all sorts of Halloween paraphernalia on display for weeks. By the time most holidays arrive it's easy to get sick of them. 

Halloween holds some special cautions for pet owners. We don't want them getting sick from candy, getting frightened by children in costumes or having to wear a costume and go out with the kids Trick or Treating. Some dogs are fine with it, some are not. Most cats can think of a better way to spend the evening than having the doorbell ringing all evening. A lot of dogs feel that way, too.  If you're going to keep opening the door, be sure that your dogs and cats are put into another room with food water, a radio or TV on and some toys to keep them occupied for the few hours when you'll be opening the door. Be sure to do this if you are hosting a Halloween party in your home. Better safe than sorry.

One problem with Halloween is that people intent on doing harm to black cats, perhaps using them in some sort of ritual, will try to adopt them around that date. Shelters, by and large, will not adopt out black cats around that time.  It's a wise decision.

Thanks to Layla Morgan Wilde -
Cat Wisdom 101

What is not wise, however, is thinking black cats are bad luck.  It's a ridiculous old wives' tale and one that should have been put to rest centuries ago. Are you aware that in the U.K., among other countries, black cats are considered to be good luck?!  There are few things quite as beautiful as a sleek, black cat, shiny coat and eyes lovingly looking at you. 

It's beyond sad that black cats (and black dogs!) in the U.S. are overlooked for adoption. Love comes in all colors so why ignore a perfectly wonderful prospective family member because of color?

Please think about giving a black cat a new lease on life with a loving, safe home. She or he will return that love countless times over.

Here's a little Halloween fun from the adorable Havanese, Jasmine, her Mommy and some of their friends:

                                                 Thanks to CJ and Jasmine Jackson

 Now for the news you've been waiting for; the winner of last week's contest to win a copy of Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me by Cynthia L. Copeland, published by Workman Publishing.

The winner is:  Nancy Dionne.  

Please contact me via my website: with your address so the nice people at Workman Publishing cat get the book right off to you!

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