Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cats Celebrate the Holidays!

Chanukah is in progress, Christmas is on the way and cats are celebrating as only they can. I thought everyone would enjoy this video from HooplaHa showing them at their adorable, mischievous best. I want to point out one glaring warning: whether for Chanukah or part of your Christmas decorations, PLEASE do not use real candles unless you know that you can keep your cats away from them. I was more than a little frightened for the cats in a couple of these clips. Consider those a warning and enjoy the rest.

I want to wish a Happy Everything to my readers!


Gordon Brice said...

That was a very enjoyable short video, Darlene, although the first cat that you see didn't appear happy to be involved. I too was more than surprised to see the combination of cats and lit candles and tinsel can be as dangerous as string or yarn, for the unsupervised cat.
Nevertheless, it did make for enjoyable viewing and we have to assume that playtime of this sort is always subject to supervision.
Many thanks for sharing this little bit of fun with us.

Darlene said...

Thank you for commenting, Gordon.You are exactly right about the tinsel. It can also cause the equivalent of a paper cut on the mouth, just like mylar in cat teaser toys. I'm glad you noticed it. I am concerned about many cat videos for that reason. This is a compilation which only shows a fraction of how many people do this. I hope there are more people around than just the one who took the video. Even then, once a cat starts to swallow, he can't stop. There are many safety issues. Also, being sure the cat really wants to be involved, as you point out, is extremely important.