Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Meet This Little Piggy....

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This is a first for PerPETually Speaking. I usually talk about dogs or cats since they are the popular companion animals and I know more about them.  That said, I couldn't resist the opportunity when our friends at HooplaHa sent a link to a video about a pet pig, well, who could resist?

I remember when Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs were all the rage but they didn't necessarily say small and that was a problem for many people. I don't now what kind of pig this is but his pet parents, Kristen Hartness and Jay Yontz love him. They named him Ziggy and they've been a family ever since.

Ziggy's entire story is here for you to enjoy. Who knows, with as much as Ziggy travels you may meet him someday.


Gordon Brice said...

This is cerainly a diversion for you, Darlene, but a very welcome one. I loved the video. Ziggy the Piggy looks to have a wonderful life with his two traveling companions.
I suppose you could say that he certainly landed on his trotters when this couple took him in.
Thank you for sharing such a delightful blog with us.

Darlene said...

Thank you for your comment, Gordon. Yes, it's definitely a diversion but this is a companion animal so Ziggy qualifies for space in my blog. I thought it was a fun story showing how much people love their companions!

DKSwrites2 said...

What a great video! I definitely remember the 'rage' of pet pigs- (and they are very intelligent- I've come to believe that all animals are intelligent, actually)

Enjoyed this very much- A great - and appropriate-- diversion post!!

Darlene said...

Thank you so much for commenting, DKSwriters2. Pigs are supposed to be as smart as dogs. I, too, believe that all animals are intelligent. Crows (not animals but birds, of course) are remarkably intelligent, as are African Grey Parrots, and many other species with proven intelligence.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this post!