Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pet Sitters for Pet Chickens!

PSI member Anthony Garza, owner of Paws on Durham, in Durham, N.C.-source: PSI

It's unusual, really unusual, for me to run a press release as it arrived rather than do my own legwork. As in never.  Here is the exception, from Pet Sitters International®. It caught my eye and I wanted to get the information out to you as soon as possible. I think there is only on other time I've blogged about pet chickens. This, to me,  is very striking news:

As backyard chickens rise in popularity, more chicken owners are faced with the question of who will care for their pets when work or vacation take them away from home. According to Pet Sitters International’s 2016 State of the Industry Survey, more professional pet sitters are providing the pet-care solution.

Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world’s leading educational association for professional pet sitters, conducts its State of the Industry Survey every two years. It is the most comprehensive survey of its kind for the professional pet-sitting industry.

For those of you with pet chickens, or have friends who have pet chickens, I hope you've found this as interesting, as reassuring, as I did.

You can find Pet Sitters International at:


AJ said...

Yes, pet chickens are frequent fliers in the petsitting world!

Andrea Reynes

Darlene said...

Thank you for commenting, Andrea. I had no idea! I think some of those of us who don't have pet chickens or have friends with them, are out of the loop at this point!

Gordon Brice said...

I think it's a lovely idea and wouldn't mind doing it, as long as the hen house was secure and the chickens safe from predators at night. I'd talk to them and, if there weren't too many, give them names, if they weren't already named. Jill would be in her element, especially as they had a pet chicken when she was a child.
Thank you as always for sharing with us, Darlene.

Darlene said...

Gordon, you may want to check the PSI site. The initials do stand for Pet Sitters International, and ask if they have any chicken pet sitters in the U.K. Perhaps you can find it on their website because they do have a link to a list of their pet sitters. I didn't have time to follow the link to see all of the countries they are in because I was just using the press release and providing links for people to follow. I"m sorry if I was remiss in not adding that information.

I'm so glad you like the idea and wouldn't mind doing it.

Thank you so much, Gordon, for being a loyal follower and always commenting on individual blog post. I very much appreciate my readers who do that. I hope they know it. I may have to work in into a post if it would fit the topic.

Chartreux said...

This is great information Darlene. When families go on vacation they may think the chickens will be okay for a few days. This is too often the mentality of cat owners. But all pets, whether they be feathered, finned or furry, are the owners responsiblity and require at least once a day visits by a knowledgeable person when the owner is away.

AJ said...

That's so true, Nancy.


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