Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome to April &WBCL Contest Winners!

It's April First, the major holidays, Easter and Passover, have come and gone, early this year and with many of us still looking at snow on our lawns. It's Spring on the calendar and we hope for warm weather and gentle days.

This is the time of year when we start making changes, airing things out, getting a new lease on life. This is also kitten and puppy season when many little ones are born, a great deal of them unexpected. If you're planning to add a pet to your home be certain that you are ready for the responsibility. Do you have time, money and resources to adopt or buy a new family member? Are you ready to commit to this puppy or kitten for its entire life? Will you do the proper care taking, training, overseeing every aspect of mental and physical development?  Think long and hard. And if you opt for a pet, that newcomer may be healthy now but accidents happen and so do illnesses. Either purchase pet insurance from a reliable company - be sure to compare policies to see which will be best suited to you and be sure it's one that your veterinarian accepts. Many people put more thought into buying a new car than they do into bringing home a new pet.  This shouldn't be an impulsive decision. All babies are cute but babies grow up, tend to be mischievous. There's a lot to consider. We'll be revisiting this topic if you are interested. Just a little food for thought.

I know that many of you are wondering who won the World's Best Litter new Forest Scent Litter contest.

I promised that there would be five winners, thanks to the generosity of World's Best Litter. Here are the winners who were chosen at random.  Thanks to everyone who entered!  Drum roll, please!

1.  Nancy Dionne

2.  Carolyn Kristof

3.  Barbara Brill

4.  Lucy Londoner

5  Sue Janson

Please contact me through my website (, just the way you entered, and send me your mailing address so I can send it on to the company. You will each receive two 6-pound bags of World's Best Cat Litter Forest Scent litter.  

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