Saturday, December 6, 2014

BlogPaws Survey of Members' HolidayPet Pampering

The infographic below is the result of a poll of the members of BlogPaws' Influencer Group. BlogPaws brings together people who blog about pets. Experience, ability, etc. have no influence on membership approval. It's a community by and for pet bloggers with an annual conference. Yes, I participated in this survey. I have only attended one conference and found the emphasis seemed to be on the technical aspects of blogging with speakers covering such topics as monetizing your blog and SEO. For those of you who are about as tech savvy as I am (I should hire a 7-year-old since they are raised with the internet), I did find out before attending the conference that SEO means Search Engine Optimization. 

For the record: I don't monetize my blog. I come from a journalism background. In the print media there is paid advertising and then there are articles that feature a product. Those are not articles in the usual sense.  They are called Advertorials and are paid for by the company whose product is featured in the "article." Is it biased? You decide. I receive no monetary compensation for my reviews of books or pet products.  I'm quite certain other bloggers think I'm at best, foolish, and at worst, an idiot. For me it's a matter of maintaining journalistic ethics. The "compensation" is the book or product being reviewed. I don't currently have a dog so those products go off to trusted people to test with their dog(s). 

Here's the infographic.  I should note that APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturing Association) puts out an annual list with almost all of the same questions.

BlogPaws Holiday Pet Blogger Influence and Christmas Gift Spending

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