Thursday, April 16, 2015

Alice the Pug Puppy Runs Her Own Fund-Raising Marathon!

As a Massachusetts native, I can tell you that The Boston Marathon has always been a big deal. Not with me, but with runners. I prefer to stroll but to each his or her own. 

Alice, a 6-month-old bi-coastal Pug Puppy is owned by Julia McGovern who is seriously training to run the Boston Marathon. A tad envious, Alice decided to run in her own marathon of all of .262 miles to benefit Pug Dog Rescue of New England (PRoNE).

Just like her owners, Alice must raise $5000. for her non-profit to qualify for a bib. One baby Pug can't do this all alone. She'll need some help from friends and admirers to make Alice's Dream to support Pug Dog Rescue of New England come true. To that end, Alice set up a page at  You'll find it here:  

You can not only donate there but you wan watch Alice's training video as she gets ready for her marathon run.
Alice Training for her Marathon

"When Alice started seeing a lot of traction on her Instagram page I thought, “how can I leverage this highly engaged community (and adorable face) for some good?” I am at the end of my own personal Boston Marathon training and fundraising journey so I wanted use a similar fundraising strategy to help the greater pug community that I’d grown to know and love. Plus, Alice is such a little love bug, I know that if she was a human, she’d embark on a similar charitable campaign to help her pug friends in need!

Alice’s co-owner Rosa and I chose ProNE because it is an amazing organization close to home (we both grew up in MA) and even though we currently live in LA, we love to keep our ties to Boston on a short leash. We also both know people that have rescued adorable puglets from ProNE and seen how much happiness the organization brings to families.

We chose Dreamfund as the fundraising platform because, again, it’s a Boston-local organization and we like to keep in touch with our roots. Plus we love the notion of Alice’s “Dream” being fulfilled to help pug rescues. So cute! And it’s so much more Alice’s personality to “dream” rather than “fundraise.” 100% realize I’m talking about a dog here and not a human.” Ha! Little does McGovern realize she's preaching to the choir when it comes to this sort of thing.

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Gordon Brice said...

Wonderful blog, Darlene and I wish Alice all the very best with her training and ambition. I'm sure the pugs that are in line to benefit will be very appreciative.