Thursday, April 9, 2015

Foraging Toy Review: Has Your Cat Met Snacky Mouse?

I'm a huge proponent of puzzle, or foraging, toys for pets. They first came on the scene for dogs. As I recall, the first one looked like Rubik's Cube and when pushed around would release treats. It took awhile but finally came the realization that cats are incredibly smart and would be just as happy with a foraging toy as their canine friends. They're probably wondering what took so long!

Mars Petcare's Temptations treats has recently released such a toy and it's readily available in stores everywhere, including supermarkets, mass retail and pet supply stores for a suggested retail price of $6.00.  It comes with a small packet of Temptations treats to get you started. It's just enough to fill the bottom of the toy. There's an opening in the front, in the mouse's tummy.  Kitty pushes the Snacky Mouse around, swatting at it, it rolls and treats fall out. It doesn't take long for your furry companion to figure out how that works.

It's fun, engaging and rewarding for kitty. He has to do something in order to get the treats. Playtime alone has now become more interesting.

NOTE: I received no compensation for this review, just a Snacky Mouse package to test. Testing was done by my 15 year old Chartreux, Aimee, who gave it Four Paws up!

To see how Snacky Mouse works, enjoy the video below: 

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