Thursday, July 16, 2015

Live Well & Prospurr

Darlene and Aimee

Before I got so involved in dogs and cats, and for a long time afterwards, I wrote countless celebrity profiles for a wide range of publications. One celebrity who caught my eye but I never interviewed, is Morris the Cat who came on the scene long before I started to write and before I was ever owned by a cat. Morris starred in more than 50 commercials for 9 Lives cat food. A real rags to riches story, Morris came from a shelter and found fame and fortune as the first celebrity cat. In 1988 he ran for President. Obviously a viable candidate if ever there was one, living the American Dream.

Morris the Cat

Morris has a new campaign that should appeal to every cat and the  people they own.  Live Well & Prospurr is Morris' guide to ways cats and owners can hang out together. There's a lot we can learn from our feline friends about relaxing, enjoying life and seizing the moment - or the nap. Aimee and I are big proponents of this concept so I thought I'd tell you about some of the ways we hang out together.

Aimee came to live with me when she was 3 1/2 years old. A retired show cat, she was quite accustomed to travel and during those first years we traveled together. I spoke at a conference, Aimee came along, I spoke at the Atheneum on Nantucket, Aimee took the Fast Ferry with me from Hyannis and watched TV in our room, relaxing on the bed, snacking. Guess which one of us got the Welcome Gift from the hotel? Hint: it wasn't me.

Aimee and I love to play with interactive toys. Games shared are much more fun! Those interactive toys come out when we're going to play together.

We enjoy watching TV together. Aimee jumps up on my lap and relax while I pet her or pick up her comb and comb her which she adores. She always arrives with kisses on my nose, on my lips, on my cheek, and soft purrs along with gentle headbutts.

Morris the Cat

Aimee is very good about helping me write. She's very good on the laptop and has discovered short cuts that she has yet to share with me. Could someone please tell me why, after she gets down, iTunes is always open? I've learned to shut off the sound so I can concentrate on the work at hand.

Aimee has never seen a nap that she didn't want to join.  She goes off for a Power Nap every afternoon. Frankly, I think she should give seminars in napping but she seems to be working towards having it declared an Olympic Sport. Between us, on rare occasion we nap together.

I'm not sure how she manages it but I often find her lying across my chest with her back paws in my right hand and my fingers automatically petting her tummy. She's a girl who always manages to get what she wants.

When not napping or snuggling with me, Aimee is the Spokes Cat for the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization.

Aimee and I love hanging out together. Everything is better when shared with a cat.

Morris the Cat
If you're looking for suggestions for hanging out, Morris has them for you. Just check out the new website he created (pretty good for someone who doesn't have opposable thumbs!).  Point your browser to:

You'll find other interesting things to explore while you're there.

How do you and your cat hang out?  Remember to Live Well & Prospurr!

NOTE:  I received no monetary compensation for this blog post. As a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, and a layperson member of The American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians I'm happy to share this human-animal bond concept.


Gordon Brice said...

That's a lovely blog, Darlene......a combination of Morris the Cat and Life With Aimee. I'm sure that the new page created by Morris, will provide plenty of interest for cat lovers. Please thank Aimee for providing details of how she keeps you amused and, thank you for relaying them to your readers......or did Aimmee do that too? LOL!

Darlene said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Morris has some fun suggestions but I thought I'd share how Aimee and I hang out. Aimee prefers that I type. It's not just the opposable thumbs issues, it's just that she prefers to have me do her bidding. LOL

Rescuegal said...

What a fun blog post. Thank you, Darlene Arden, for sharing this interesting information about the infamous Morris The Cat and for letting your readers know more about how you and Aimee spend your time together. As her Auntie, I am a bit prejudiced, but I think Aimee is the sweetest of cats and a great companion with which to hang out. I will definitely have to check out Morris' new website. Please give the adorable Aimee a kiss for me.

Darlene said...

Consider that kiss delivered - many times over! I'm glad you enjoyed learning more about Morris The Cat. Your niece truly is the sweetest of cats - not that I'm prejudiced! Ha! I think you'll enjoy Morris' new website!