Friday, July 31, 2015

This is Homes for Pets Weekend!

Courtesy Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Back in February, I shared a wonderful project with you. Coldwell Banker Real Estate teamed up with to try to help some of the six to eight million homeless shelter pets find loving homes. It seems like the perfect match - a real estate company selling homes to people who might want to complete their family by adding a new pet to their new home. The good news is that they are now more than halfway to their goal of placing 20,000 adoptable pets in homes in 2015 since they launched their Homes for Dogs project.  Frankly, I think homes for cats would be very much welcomed, too!

"We were thrilled when Coldwell Banker Real Estate came to us about this campaign," said Abbie Moore, Executive Director of "Together we know we can make an impact on communities across the country."

This weekend is a great chance to find that perfect new family member and help them reach that wonderful goal!  More than 650 shelters and rescue groups across the United States will be participating in this weekend's special event.

August 1 -2, local Caldwell Banker offices will join forces with shelters and rescue groups in the network to host adoption events in communities across the United States. More than 600 shelters and rescue groups have already signed up to participate.
Courtesy Coldwell Banker Real Estate Company

More information, including how you can find a shelter or rescue group near you, is available at:

"It's shocking to think of how many homeless dogs enter shelters each year," said Sean Blankenship, Chief Marketing Officer for Coldewell Banker Real Estate LLC.  "So many of us at Coldewell Banker are dog lovers - that's why we launched the program. Between our 88,000 affiliated sales associates and the 15,000 shelters, we're hoping that we can truly make a difference through a major adoption event."

I hope you'll share this information with your friends who are considering bringing a new companion into their lives. Please let me know if you or someone you know adopts a pet this weekend, or if you have adopted a pet at any time in your life.  

Let's make this a great weekend for homeless pets across the nation!  Let's hope they find loving forever homes!
Courtesy Coldwell Banker Real Estate


Rescuegal said...

Excellent. Hope this is hugely successful for the homeless animals. Thanks for getting the word out, Darlene.

Gordon Brice said...

An excellent blog and an excellent scheme, Darlene. I hope both result in lots of dogs finding forever and loving homes.

Gordon Brice said...

In my earlier comment I did refer specifically to dogs, but I hope that any animal, including cats and birds, find the loving home that they are hoping for.

Darlene said...

Thank you, Rescuegal. I hope it serves to nudge people in the right direction who may have been thinking about adding a pet to their home.

Darlene said...

Thank you, Gordon. You're right: both dogs and cats need homes and they deserve a forever family and a happy, healthy life.