Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Dog Day

Photo by Nancy Ross

It's true that "every dog has his day," only we today we can take that old saying literally. Today is National Dog Dog. Of course, your dog probably thinks that every day is his day and that's the way it should be. Dogs are our companions, our friends, our family members. Service Dogs, Police Dogs, Therapy Dogs, PTSD Dogs, Bomb-Sniffing Dogs, there is an almost endless array of things that dogs do for us. They will lay down their lives for us. They give us their unconditional love and endless devotion. They deserve to be celebrated.

Photo by Anne Willis Herring Hudson

The people at the free and private social network for neighborhoods, and App, nextdoor, have gathered some interesting raw data. They went in search of the most popular dog names and the most popular dogs.  The Most Popular Name for 2015 is Bella and the most Popular Dog is the Mutt.  This obviously wasn't a scientific survey but something fun that we can enjoy.  Here are there findings:

Here's what they found:

Top Dog Names in the Country
1.       Bella
2.       Lucy
3.       Max
4.       Daisy
5.       Bailey
6.       Buddy
7.       Molly
8.       Charlie
9.       Maggie
10.   Sadie

Top Dog Breeds in the Country:
Note: Overall Bella is the unanimous favorite name for all dog breeds... Besides Bella, below are the most popular names for each breed (breeds listed in order of popularity).
1.       Mixed breed - Lucy
2.       Lab - Bailey
3.       Chihuahua - Coco
4.       Golden retriever- Bailey
5.       Dachshund - Lucy
6.       Boxer - Rocky
7.       Shih tzu - Gizmo
8.       German shepherd - Max
9.       Yorkshire terrier - Sophie
10.   Beagle – Daisy


Lisette Brodey said...

Very interesting. I know of four Rockys and have met more Buddys than I can count. I have met Baileys, but find Riley to be pretty popular, too. I've met several Mollys, but never a Lucy and certainly not a Gizmo!

I know it's National Dog Day, but I'd love to know the most popular cat names, too. I'm betting I could guess a few on that list, too!

bressler west said...

In Cavaliers I have met too many Charlies.

Gordon Brice said...

Lovely lighthearted blog, Darlene and yes, everyday is dogs day.....and cats day. So as not to offend anyone, lets just say pets day.
I love the most popular names and, did you notice that they are all "human" names? I'm surprised that Yorkies were not nearer the top.....they certainly seem to be very popular in the UK, as are Jack Russells, in spite of their amazing energy level, which a lot of people cannot match.....LOL!
Many thanks for this great read.

Darlene said...

Thanks for commenting, Lisette. I suspect they only polled the people who belong to their app. Not scientific but fun! I, too, would like to know the most popular cat names.

Darlene said...

Hi Bressler West, yes, I can see where there would be far too many Cavaliers named Charlie. I can't imagine why people can't be more original. Or, perhaps they thing they are! LOL

Darlene said...

Thank you for commenting, Gordon. If you went to the American Kennel Club, they would agree that Yorkies are near the top. This was a very small poll and I posted it just for fun. I did notice that they were all human names which, personally, I prefer since dogs and cats are our family members. :-)

James Stagg said...

Two Maggies, one Bella in our neighborhood, Darlene, so the count is holding true. The Maggies span the breed sizes: one is a Dachshund and one a Lab mix. One Buddy, a Boston Terrier, a pest (not neutered). One Pedro, a Chihuahua, who is in love with my Sandy (border terrier mix). I am surprised that terriers are not more evident in the above list, but perhaps they account for most of the "mixed" breeds.

Caren Gittleman said...

Happy Happy National Dog Day!
I happen to LOVE that neither my cat nor my dog's names are on that list. That makes me happy! I prefer being unique :)

What bothers me is Shetland Sheepdogs never make the most "popular" list. I think it is because they are barkers...but....they are one of the sweetest and most loving breeds out there.


Darlene said...

Thank you so much for the update, James Stagg. How funny that such a small survey holds true in your area. I think you're right that the Terriers may be some of the mixes. However, the most popular breeds by AKC registration numbers would be somewhat different.

Darlene said...

Hi Caren. Happy National Dog Day to you, too! I have never had common names for any of my companions and I, too, prefer to be unique. There was a dog of another breed that was given the same name (not the full registered name, of course), as my Yorkshire Terrier who was shown. As my guy ended his show career, there was a dog of another breed brought out who was also called Ebenezer. LOL Well, you know the old saying: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. LOL

The place to really see the numbers, as I said above, is the AKC's registration list. I'm always happy when a breed has smaller numbers because that means they won't be overbred and are less likely to end up in puppy mills, etc. Be grateful that Shelties haven't made the list. I have friends with Shelties and there are some spectacular ones being shown on the West Coast.

nick said...

this is fun. but ive never met any dogs who had the names like the ones here linked to the breed lol I guess I have to get out and meet more pups

Darlene said...

Nick, I'm not surprised. It was a small survey done by one company. However, it's always fun to get out and meet more dogs!

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