Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Pet Safety

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With Halloween upon us, it's time for a reminder to keep your pets safe. While some pets enjoy going out for a walk (on a leash!) with the kids while they're Trick or Treating, most dogs and cats do not enjoy the noise and the unaccustomed activity. There are too many potential dangers lurking.

Candy will make your dog sick. And far.  Chocolate, which contains theobromine, can be lethal to dogs and cats. Keep them away from the children's treats. You may think it's cute but a sick pet and a high vet bill aren't much fun at all. Not just candy but sugarless chewing gum is also lethal to pets.
Photo by Gary Rohde

The ringing of the doorbell and the door constantly opening and closing don't bode well for your pet. Even a dog with a reliable recall can escape in all the  confusion. That last think you want s for your dog or cat to leave the house. Be sure they have a tag and a microchip for safety and your cat's tags are on a breakaway collar. You don't want to allow children to swoop down on them. 

Some pets wear costumes for Ha.lloween it is, conservatively, a multi-billion dollar business. Let's talk about those costumes. Never put anything on your dog or cat that will inhibit his mobility. If he can't walk easily in it, don't buy it. One should never cover up the years of a dog or cat. Cats especially, need to be able to rotate their ears to gather information. If you insist upon dressing up your dog or cat, you can find a nice teeshirt with a Halloween design on it.

Patrol the floor for small toys and other things your dog or cat could pick up and swallow. Halloween decorations can also cause the same problem.
Photo: Frank Incremona

If you're having a Halloween Party for grown-ups, it is not funny for your guests to give your pets liquor to drink. Nor is it allowable for your guests to try to scare your pets.

The safest place for your cat or dog is in a room with the door closed, the television or radio on to help distract from the other noises. They will need fresh water, toys, a scratcher for your cat, beds on which to rest, perhaps some food or, better yet, a toy that dispenses food to keep them occupied.  You can check in on them every so often. You'll probably be happy to spend a few quiet, calm minutes with them.  

You want your pets to have some of the fun of Halloween but think about whether or not this is really going to be fun for your pet. Keeping him safe and happy is your responsibility.   

Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween.      


Gordon Brice said...

Great advice as always, Darlene. I hope people take notice and follow the "rules", in order that their pets do not suffer any ill effects.
Fortunately, Halloween is not yet such a big deal in the UK, although, as each year passes, it is becoming more popular.

Darlene said...

Thank you, Gordon. I'm afraid that the costumes have become a multi-million dollar business on this side of the pond. It seems that no thought is given to the animal in terms of safety and comfort.

Lisette Brodey said...

Great advice.

Sickens me that in this world you even have to TELL people not to give alcohol to their dogs. And yes, putting an animal is something restrictive to their movements or senses is terrible. They don't understand or think they look cute. It's just torture for them.

Thank you for putting this very important information out there.

Darlene said...

Thank you for your comments, Lisette. You're right. It makes to sick to know that I have to write this sort of post for virtually every holiday. I can write it but I can't guarantee that the people who need to read it will do so.