Saturday, October 24, 2015


We know it's important to keep at least an ID tag and a Rabies tag on our four-legged companion but if you're anything like me, getting on metal loop onto the other one is an exercise in frustration. And occasionally, futility. Worst case scenario: I beg a friend to do it for me. I've tried fingers, nails (they invariably break), pliers, and have nearly resorted to chanting. I believe in two forms of identification: tag and a registered microchip. However, getting those tags on the metal loop is often a chore.

Leave it to someone to figure out a better way. A father and daughter team from Kansas City. With LinksIt it takes about 15 seconds to attach a tag. The key is in the pet tag connector that hangs from the metal ring on your pet's harness or collar. Your cat, of course, should be wearing a break-away collar for safety.  You choose the Pawdentify tag you want - a larger size for dogs, a smaller size for small dogs or cats, then select a design you like and the color. The Pawdentiftag is engraved to your specifications with up to 18 characters per line.

The nice thing is that the engraving won't wear away. The products was tested at Kansas State University. The designs and text are permanent and can withstand 80 pounds of force! The connector can hold 58 pounds. That's sturdy! It can hold 3 or 4 tags, depending upon the thickness of the tag and there's none of that jingly sound we've come to endure which has to sound worse to our pets whose hearing is so much more acute than ours.

The design is deliberately created to be impossible for a child do open. It is lightweight and compact for small dogs and cats.

For just $22. you will receive the engraved Pawdentify tag, a Links-It connector in the color of your choice and they even include free shipping. Best of all, it has a lifetime guarantee. 

There are places around the country that sell Links-It and the Pawdentify Tag and you can find them online or you can simply order online:  Links-It Your order will go out in about 2 business days.

If you have trouble with adding tags or you simply want a tag that's guaranteed for a lifetime, Links-It is certainly something to consider!

NOTE: I received no compensation for this post. I was sent a sample (not engraved) so I could see how it works and whether or not I would want to blog about it.  


Unknown said...

What a great idea! It is such a hassle every year (or 3, depending)! Thanks for featuring on PerPETually Speaking, Darlene Arden!!

Darlene said...

Thank you so much for your comment, Vallie Szymanski! I thought it was when it was brought to me to try and possibly include in perPETuallySpeaking. I have to beg others to put it on for me. I've tried everything to pry a ring open in order to slide something else onto it. This is simple enough to use, and with the engraved tag and lifelong guarantee, I think it's an idea whose time has come.

Dr. P said...
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Dr. P said...

Great idea! Necessity is still the mother of invention. I had to quit using split rings as my aging fingers can't open them anymore. I've had to switch to the good old S hook, which I can put on by pinching it with pliers. But this idea is the best one. Can't wait to try it. Thanks, from Bert

Lisette Brodey said...

That looks like a very good product. I know you wouldn't be blogging about it if it weren't. This could really come in handy.

Darlene said...

Thank you so much, Bert! You're quite right about necessity being the mother of invention. I only wish I had thought of it! LOL I, too, was relegated to liars when I couldn't beg someone else to do it for me. ;-)

Darlene said...

Thank you so much, Lisette Brodey! You're right, if I didn't like it I wouldn't have written about it. I think it's handy for everyone but for anyone with a disability, or just old fingers, this is a great idea! It will also save a lot of frustration and aggravation.