Monday, November 2, 2015

Search for The "Real" Trix Rabbit

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Do you remember the Trix Rabbit, the cute cartoon bunny who has evolved over the years? I thought so.  I do, too.  General Mills, the company that makes Trix Cereal, has decided to reformulate the cereal to make it healthier.  It will still be tasty but you won't have to worry about eating something that really isn't exactly a health product or feeding it to your two-legged kids. After all, the cereal's slogan was, Trix are for kids! Yes, I remember that, too. You'll find the new one on shelves in January 2016.

To celebrate the introduction of the newly formulated Trix, General Mills is on a hunt for the Real Trix Rabbit. The contest has been going on for a couple of weeks but you still have time to enter before the November 6th closing date for entries. One real rabbit will be featured as the honorary face of Trix. Pet rabbits from across the U.S. could become the #RealTrixRabbit and appear on limited run boxes in the winner's hometown. Really. I know I usually talk about cats and dogs but plenty of people have pet bunnies!

Real rabbits to other pets in bunny costumes (I don't want to know) you can take pictures or videos and upload them to:  You can also check out the competition and, of course, you can follow #RealTrixRabbit on social media.

The animated Trix Rabbit will still be around. He has a long-term gig, after all!  But this is a chance to make your pet a star, at least in your hometown!

Check out the "B Roll" of the Casting Call:

Here's the Trix timeline for those of you who are feeling nostalgic for the Trix Rabbit you grew up with:

NOTE:  I received no compensation for this blog post other than a box of the new Trix to sample. 


James Stagg said...

That's a cute idea, Darlene.

Unfortunately, Sandy the dog chases rabbits (and squirrrels) rather than dresses up like one. That's why I have a retractable leash with a harness at the end......she runs so fast.....almost "quick, like a bunny".

Gordon Brice said...

Hmm! Maybe I've been living in a cave all these years, but I have never heard of Trix Rabbit. Perhaps it's not known in the UK, but it's good to know that it is still going strong after all these years and is about to undergo a healthy improvement.
Good luck to everyone entering the competition and thank you, Darlene, for sharing with us,this interesting blog. Btw, I hope you enjoy the new Trix that you received.

Darlene said...

James, I'm no fan of retractable leashes but I understand your problem. You would have to counter condition him to rabbits and squirrels. Hopefully, you don't find many when you're out walking your dog.

Darlene said...

Gordon, you're right, you wouldn't have seen it. Those of us who grew up on this side of the pond have "known" the Trix Rabbit since we were children. Generations of children have loved the Trix Rabbit. I'm glad they're changing the formula. They're going to be doing it with many of their other cereals as well. I think they'll be rolled out through 2016. Trip is first, in January. :-)