Friday, November 6, 2015

Simon's Cat Off to the Vet..And Other Cat-astrophes & A Contest

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The first time I saw Simon's Cat on YouTube I was hysterical and hooked. Here was a cartoon that utterly captured the feline personality without speaking a word. Whether waking his owner or trying to get one over on a kitten, it was obvious that Simon Tofield, the artist who created Simon's Cat, knows and loves cats. He doesn't need words to express his cat's feelings or moods, the cat makes tiny vocalizations just as a real cat would. He gets into mischief and romps through life leaving everything in his wake, and some of it still standing.

Since 2007, Simon and his team have created nearly 40 short videos much to the delight of cat people everywhere. To date, his YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers and more than half a billion total views. It's mind-boggling but completely understandable. As a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, Simon is as familiar to me as any cat I've been called to see. Simon's deceptively simple drawing of a cat come to life whether in animation or in a book.
Simon Tofield & his creation
His first book, Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos was quickly followed by Simon's Cat vs. The World, released 6 months apart in 2013. Now, his vast audience can enjoy Tofield's newly released Simon's Cat Off to The Vet. It has been his most-requested topic which is not surprising. Every cat owner knows what it's like to take their cat to the vet, from wreaking chaos in the exam room to coming home wearing an Elizabethan Collar, better known as The Cone of Shame. Tofield, who is in the U.K.  hits just the right note with cat owners worldwide.

All three books are published in the United States by Akashic Books. Simon's Cat Off to the Vet retails for $27.95 in Hardcover and $16.95 in Trade Paperback.  

The nice people at Akashic Books have made a sneak preview available:

I suspect most cat owners will recognize this scene

Here's a preview in color:
In the Exam Room

Akashic Books is giving a copy of Simon's Cat Off to the Vet to one lucky reader of this column! Please leave a comment below telling us why you want to win. I'm sorry but it is restricted to U.S. Residents only. You can enter through Sunday. The winner will be announced next week so don't forget to check back.

This is bound to be a popular gift choice for the holidays whether for the cat owners in your life or for your veterinarian.

NOTE: I was given a review copy of this book. The review is mine. I received no monetary compensation.


Gordon Brice said...

I love the Simon's Cat cartoons and the one shown is no exception. Anyone who is a cat owner, or has been the owner of cats, will relate to the problems of taking your cat to the vet. It's almost as much fun as getting a pill down your furry companion's throat......LOL!
Thank you for sharing this with us Darlene and good luck to all in the U.S. who enter the contest.

Nancy Dionne said...

Do you see any Amazing Aimee in the antics of Simon's cat in this book? I would love to win this book for we all need a good laugh once in a while. Thank you Darlene, Simon Tofield, and Akashic Books!

Darlene said...

Gordon, Simon Tofield is, as I'm sure you know, in the U.K. For all I know, he could be your neighbor. LOL You are so right. I have to rub some medicine into Aimee's ear in a minute and she behaves as if I'm insulting her! Too funny!! He absolutely nails it when it comes to cats.

Darlene said...

Oh, yes, Nancy, I certainly do see some of Aimee's behavior in Simon's cat! Finding Aimee to put her in her carrier to go to the vet is always fun. NOT. I put treats in her carrier and leave it open. She'll take the treats out but she always seems to know when we're heading to the vet. The funny thing is that she has a wonderful veterinarian who is also a feline practitioner, they love each other. I think she just has to make a big deal out of it for the fun of trying to outsmart me. She's always very good for her vet but not for me when I've had to medicate her in the past.. In fact, that's how we found out that my den wall looks pretty in pink. ;-)
Good luck with the contest entry!

Rescuegal said...

Like thousands of others, I love the Simon's Cat videos and books and this newest Tofield Simon's Cat book will be no exception. I'm sure I could substitute my cat, George, for Simon's cat in this "at the vet book". And further more, I'm sure my vet would agree. Darlene is right what a perfect Christmas gift for anyone owned by a cat, and their veterinarian. Thanks for a great idea.

Darlene said...

Thank you for commenting, Rescuegal. Hmmm, you ma have hit upon something. I don't remember Simon's Cat having a name. Perhaps it is precise for the reason you mentions: you can substitute your own cat's name! Your George, my Aimee. And what a super idea to give a copy of the book to your veterinarian!

Allia Zobel Nolan said...

Yes, I see myself in this book for sure...that is, when I had three cats and they went to the vet on the same day for shots.... My hubby and I used to run around the house trying to capture them, then trying to get them to go in the carrier was another battle. The reason why Simon's cat's videos are so popular is that they are only one who has been there...experienced that...with a cat(s) knows how to portray things. I'm in the running....for sure.

Darlene said...

Thank you for commenting, Allia. Three at once?! I can only imagine. LOL The mental image is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Simon, my cat purrs at the vet and with his quiet demeanor is the antithesis of Simon.

But I certainly know that Plume is more the exception , and Simon is where it's at for a lotta cats when it comes time for the kitty doctor!


Darlene said...

You're lucky, Andrea. Actually, my Aimee is good with her veterinarian but getting her there is a production that could be mounted on Broadway. LOL