Monday, February 1, 2016

Dream Big - Part 1

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It's not exactly a secret that I have insomnia. Sadly, I'm not the only one with the problem. There are an awful lot of us who are sleep-deprived. I'm always hoping for more of it and I do try to make the most out of what little sleep I get. 

I was watching my cat, Aimee, Power Napping and had a thought... why not ask someone who's truly an expert on the subject; someone who spends more time snoozing than most of us spend at work? I'm talking, of course, about Morris the Cat. If you're wondering why I didn't just ask Aimee, it's simple: Aimee doesn't talk to the Press even when the Press is her Mama.

For those of you who don't know him – or who've let sleep deprivation cloud your memory – Morris is the iconic spokescat for 9Lives cat food and has starred in over 50 commercials. When he's not in front of the camera or dining on 9Lives, you can bet he's napping in his trailer, uh, carrying case.

He's taken time out of his busy schedule to answer some reader questions about the very iimportant issue of sleep. What's more, he's offering fans the chance to win a Morris-shaped, human-sized plush bed AND a year's supply of 9Lives cat food. Just go to his Live Well & Prospurr website [] to enter. Since Morris has a lot to say, I've divided this into a 3-part blog post.

Dear Morris,

I've been experiencing difficulties with falling asleep, tossing and turning once my head hits the pillow. I don't get it because I feel tired all day at work; then I come home, brush my teeth, flip on the TV, and just... lie there. I'm hoping I can learn from the expert. Morris, what am I doing wrong?

Sleepless in San Fur-nando

Dear Sleepless in San Fur-nando,

Your case, unfortunately, is not at all uncommon. When you're going all day long at the speed of a cheetah, it's no wonder your mind darts around like a red laser dot at bedtime. Luckily, as a cat, I spend up to 140 hours per week sleeping and I can tell you there is hope! For starters, I notice you mentioned turning on the TV before bed. Cats don't watch TV – this is partly because the majority of us can't speak English that well, but mostly because it interferes with our snooze time. Scientifically speaking, the 'glow' emitted by an electronic screen enters the brain and slows the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps us sleep. So next time you want to turn on the tube before bed, try counting sheep instead – or better yet, mice!

Kitty hugs,

There you have it! After getting a good night's rest, tune back in for the next edition of "Dear Morris" and don't forget to check out his Live Well & Prospurr website [ to enter the giveaway and learn how you can help Morris feed hungry kitties with just the click of a mouse.

NOTE: I received no monetary compensation for this 3-Part Post.  Because of my Journalistic Ethics, I have asked 9-Lives to send the food they wanted to send me, to The Metrowest Humane Society, one of my my local cat shelters. The feed wet food to the cats in the shelter and feed dry food to outdoor Feral Cat Colonies. Aimee and I are delighted that 9 Lives is helping local kitties. 


Gordon Brice said...

What a lovely blog, Darlene, with just a touch of humour to offer hope to insomniaca, like yourself.
I look forward to reading Parts 2 and 3 when available and hope that you too are able to pick up a few pointers, that will help you secure a few more hours of much needed sleep.

James Stagg said...

This is cute, Darlene. I'm looking forward to the next two parts.

Darlene said...

Thank you, Gordon. I'm glad you liked it! I'm hoping Morris' tips will work in lieu of a magic wand. LOL Somehow, I don't think I'm likely to acquire a magic wand...

Darlene said...

Hi James, I'm glad you liked the post. Part 2 is on the way....