Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gary, Fuzzy and The Leash

Any number of e-mails arrive daily asking if I'd be interested in trying this dog product or that cat product. I don't do a lot of product reviews but if something catches my eye because I think it might be useful, I will agree. One press release that arrived had several products in it before Christmas. One product caught my eye but not for the reason the publicist or manufacturer might have thought.

The Kinn™ Kangaroo Leash with Super Soft Fleece Handle, Shock Absorber leash and a Kache™ Poop Bag Dispenser made of the highest quality nylon webbing, making it even softer to the touch. It is described as a six foot leash for dogs up to 90 lbs. Cat owners could also use it with a harness. I don't have a dog at this time but I have a few trusted friends who will test dog products for me.

When I saw the leash and read about the super soft fleece handle I had one of those lightbulb moments. My friend, Gary Rohde is disabled. He has limited mobility in his hands and an active rescue dog, Fuzzy, who is taken for walks at least twice a day. Holding a regular leash when you have that sort of disability can become a fairly painful experience. I asked Gary if he'd like to test the leash for me. He readily agreed. I asked the publicist to send it to him instead of me, since he would test it. 

Here's his report now that he has been using it for several weeks:

When I first opened the box up it was a little confusing because the pooper bag dispenser was zip-tied to the shock absorber, extremely tight, so it was difficult to cut off.  So, either attach it someplace else, like on the handle or there has to be a better way without using a zip tie. Use something with a little more give that the person can get a scissors in to separate it from the leash. That is my only real complaint, except that the pouch can only carry one pooper bag and that would be a small one for a small dog’s output.  There is a little pocket in the back for a key or cash. I could only wish that it had Velcro on the pocket.

The handle I found absolutely superb, the fur is absolutely easy on your hand and wrist making it the perfect leash for someone who has weakening extremities. It slides to fit my hand when walking Fuzzy who weighs 25 lbs.
The leash is very solid. The one I tested is grey which tends to disappear from sight when walking my dog at night on a dark street. I’d love to see it in a color that would be more visible after dark, or add something to it that would be visible, perhaps reflective.
The shock absorber does its job. It’s where the dog’s collar is hooked to the leash, it's a little rubber washer. When Fuzzy took off a little faster than I was prepared for, it did its job and didn’t choke him, nor did it hurt my hand.

I recommend it not only for people who have normal use of hands and wrist, but I highly recommend it for people who have hand and wrist issues like mine. It’s very solidly made. Construction of the leash is excellent, no issues with that at all.  It’s not falling apart. Even in a rainstorm, it didn’t split, it was fine. It didn’t shred or separate. The seams are all tight. Far better to buy a leash that’s well-made and will last. It exceeded my expectations.

Thank you very much! Fuzzy enjoys the leash and I enjoy the soft handle. It helps my sore hands when taking Fuzzy for a walk.

Thank you, Gary, for a most comprehensive review. Obviously, he and Fuzzy give it thumbs and paws up!

The Leash Retails for $29.95  and at as well as select boutiques and Veterinary clinics.

Note: I received no compensation for this review, nor did Gary Rohde. He was sent a leash for review.


Gordon Brice said...

What a boon for both able and handicapped people. Hopefully the manufacturer will take note of the minor negatives that Gary mentioned but, all said and done, this appears to be a wonderful leash. I did smile a little at the video, as Fuzzy did seem a little reluctant to comply......he must have been taking tips from a cat.....LOL.
Thank you for sharing this excellent blog with us, Darlene and I wish Gary and Fuzzy continued enjoyment with the new leash.

James Stagg said...

It seems to be a great idea for arthritic hands, as well.

From the looks of it, it could be used with a harness, as well as a collar.

Hopefully, they will come out with a retractable model (Sandy, my dog, wanders all over the yard). And I agree with Gary: one poop bag is too few; often I have to pick up OPDP (Other People's Dog Poop) so I don't step in it in a future walk. I do carry multiple baggies in my pocket.

Thanks for Gary's review, Darlene!

Vallie Szymanski said...

Darlene, what a great idea to send it to Gary and Fuzzy for review. It looks like a great leash. Thank you, Gary and of course Fuzzy!

Darlene said...

Thank you, Gordon. I hope so, too. They were small changes that could be made. I'm not sure the manufacturer even realized that they had hit upon a great leash for people with disabilities. Oh, I'm sure Fuzzy makes a lot of decisions that should be made by Gary. LOL He is doing amazingly well, however, since Gary adopted him. It's really amazing what love can do.

Darlene said...

Hi James, Yes, it could definitely be used with a harness, which is what I recommend. Retractable leashes are dangerous in so many ways, both for dog and owner. I never recommend them and wish they could be taken off the market. A little positive training would resolve your issue with Sandy. :-) Yes, I agree, there is a need to carry multiple bags, or even larger bags for a larger dog.

Darlene said...

Hi Vallie, Thank you. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be great for Gary's hand if it worked. anyone with a dog can test a leash but this isn't just any leash. I think every dog owner will like it but for those with hand or wrist problems, this is just a blessing!

Veronique said...

Looks wonderful. Good to know this product is on the market!

Darlene said...

Thank you so much for your comment, Veronique. I think it certainly would be wonderfully comfortable for any dog owner but for someone with problems like Gary's it would be, I think, essential.