Thursday, August 25, 2016

Review: Smart Bones

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Photo by Lisette Brodey

Dog owners have been looking for a healthy treat to replace rawhide. Rawhide, aside from being messy, has proven fatal to some dogs. Finding a good substitute and not having to worry about the ingredients that might be problematic. For years now, owners have been wary of anything made in China and that seems pretty common among rawhide products. When I was invited to test Smart Bones, I turned to author Lisette Brodey for this product. Her rescue dog, Bentley, is the light of her life and a pretty popular little guy around the neighborhood. The product was sent directly to her.  Here's her review:

When I was asked to review this product, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I’d never heard of the product, but I had long wished for its existence. My dog, Bentley, like most dogs, loves to chew. But rawhide is not good for dogs and I didn’t want him to have any of it, not even for a special treat. Several times, at the pet store, I looked for a product that would provide the same chewing pleasure without the unhealthy qualities. But I could’t find anything. SMART BONES (vegetable and chicken chews) is just what I needed.

When I gave Bentley the first one, you can see he was delighted to have it. As he often does with special treats, he takes possession of them for a long time before he consumes them.

When it was time to go for a walk, even after I put his harness on, Bentley was “standing watch” over his “bone.”
Photo by Lisette Brodey

After we got home, an hour or so later, he finally got down to the business of enjoying the chew, finishing every last bit of it.

I’m so happy this product exists. For me, it’s not an everyday snack choice, though it might be for some. I will use this product as a special treat, and most importantly, as something to keep him occupied when we are not at home (which isn’t that often.) Just having something healthy to chew like this, in my opinion, really helps a dog like mine who does suffer from a bit of separation anxiety.
Photo by Lisette Brodey

This product has brought lots of happiness to Bentley and to me. I would definitely encourage dog owners to give it a try.

Thanks to Lisette Brodey and her boy, Bentley for their candid review of Smart Bones.

Smart Bones are made by PetMatrix and can be purchased at Walmart, Petsmart and Petco

Website: where you will find a list of flavors and a new stick coming in September as well as another style. Surf around the site for more information on how Smart Bones are made and their concern for safety.

Walmart, Petsmart, Petco,


Gordon Brice said...

Thank you for posting this informative and beneficial blog, Darlene and to Lisette and Bentley for providing an excellent review of Smart Bones. Love the photos too.
The fact that this product is readily available at popular stores and a substitute for the not so popular rawhide bones, will be very welcome by many dog owners......and their canine companions of course.
Many thanks again......and happy chewing to you, Bentley.

James Stagg said...

I would suggest this is also very good to promote healthy teeth and gums for a dog. Any problems with teeth and gums eventually winds up contaminating the bloodstream with bacteria which might even lead to endocarditis.

Darlene said...

Thank you so much for your comment, Gordon. I'm glad there's a good choice for pet owners instead of reaching for rawhide. The proof is in the pudding - or rather in Bentley's taste test!

Darlene said...

Hi James, you make a very valid point. Cleaning teeth is very important and this treat, along with regular brushing will go a long way in helping keep dogs healthy!

Carol said...

I havent found these particulate bones in our Walmart but if see any i'll definitely pick some up. i found very similar bones by the same company though called DreamBones that my dog seems to like okay enough.

Darlene said...

Carol, these are new so it's possible your local Walmart PetSmart or PetCo hasn't had a chance to stock it yet. :-)

DAugie said...

My sweet Yorkie is in surgery due to a blockage from shards that broke off the smart bone. I guess he's the 1 from the 9 out of 10. I truly believed they were safe. They aren't! Please be very careful using this product. Had I known that this was a possibility, I'd never have bought them.

melissa said...

How about the number one ingredient being cassava that is said to be toxic to dogs and humans alike?

Annie said...

These treats are made in China. I agree the dogs like them but I won’t buy pet products made in China- it’s too risky for the pet.